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    After digging around the various forums to see how people have installed their satnav's I decided to look for the connectors that plug in to the lead under the left pannel. With leads (no pun intended) from other threads I found the following.

    The attached file shows all the details you could wish for, for this type of connector. For the sat nav connector you require the 2 pin version, begining 02T... and 02R, these connectors are available from RS components (just type that in to google and you can't miss them).

    As you will see there are numerous types from 2 pin to 8 pin versions available, I don't know if Ducati use the other versions anywhere else on the bike but they could be useful for projects. I have listed here the RS code numbers so you can go straight to them on their website, by the way I don't work for RS! if you find a better sourcce feel free to post it here.

    Don't forget whichever style you use, you need to order the contacts as well So I'll start with them.

    Tab contact: SWPT-001T-P025; RS Code: 820-1327
    Receptacle contact: SWPR-001T-P025; RS Code: 820-1324

    2 Pin Tab Housing: 02T-JWPF-VSLE-S; RS Code: 820-1305
    2 Pin Receptacle Housing: 02R-JWPF-VSLE-S; RS Code: 820-1302

    3 Pin Tab Housing: 03T-JWPF-VSLE-S; RS Code: 820-1318
    3 Pin Receptacle Housing: 03R-JWPF-VSLE-S; RS Code: 820-1309

    4 Pin Tab Housing: 04T-JWPF-VSLE-S; RS Code: 820-1315
    4 Pin Receptacle Housing: 04R-JWPF-VSLE-S; RS Code: 820-1311

    6 Pin Tab Housing: 06T-JWPF-VSLE-D; RS Code: 820-1282
    6 Pin Receptacle Housing: 06R-JWPF-VSLE-D; RS Code: 820-1289

    8 Pin Tab Housing: 08T-JWPF-VSLE-D; RS Code: 820-1270
    8 Pin Receptacle Housing: 08R-JWPF-VSLE-D; RS Code: 820-1276

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