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    Paolo's visit to the Pacific Northwest

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    Paolo Pirozzi's world tour, travelleing 5 continents on a Ducati Multistrada 1200 visiting 80 DOCs (Desmo owners Clubs)


    **NB** Larger versions of the images below plus many more can be seen here

    Paolo's visit to the Pacific Northwest
    by Don Schloth President of DucatiPacifica DOC

    I first met Paolo in Misano at the World Ducati Week event in June 2010. I was able to talk with him for just a short while before he set off on his adventure and told him I would welcome him to my home and that our club was waiting anxiously to host him upon his arrival later that fall.


    I followed Paolo's trip on his website and through information provided by Ducati. Paolo's schedule was constantly changing and this made it a bit challenging for some of our members when it came time to schedule time off to greet him.

    Paolo's World trip Itinerary (the trip is due to end back in Italy April 2011)

    Finally the date was set and several of DucatiPacifica DOC members braved the heavy rain and cold weather to ride up from Portland, OR to Seattle WA in order to escort him down to MotoCorsa, our local Ducati dealer. Myself and the club members met Paolo that morning at Seattle Ducati (see below) and after some coffee and a few photo's in the local Seattle area, we were off in a downpour for Portland! In order to get Paolo to the event planned for him at MotoCorsa, we "slabbed" it down the interstate(highway) for 3 hours. Arriving at the Portland dealership, we were greeted by a nice crowd and were supplied with some snacks and hot coffee. Paolo's bike "Lidia" is her name, was to spend the afternoon in the maintenance bay for some front fork seals and a little preventive maintenance.

    'Another satisfied Ducati customer'

    After a couple of hours at the dealership it was time to head to my home so that he could clean up and change and rest up for the remainder of the afternoon in anticipation of the evening's event at MotoCorsa. During this downtime, Paolo and I were able to relax and reconnect over a couple of nice local micro brew beers! Being the halloween weekend, we had a theme night planned for him at the dealership for DucatiPacifica members and all other Ducatisti, we called it "Paoloween" The evening went off well and Paolo had a great time talking about his journey and how great his Multistrada 1200 Touring S had been for him almost half way around the world.


    The following day turned out to be dry and sunny for our locally organized ride. We had over 20 people meet up at MotoCorsa in order to ride with Paolo through some of our great roads with magnificent scenery! We took him down Washington State Route 14 through the Columbia River Gorge then across the bridge to Hood River, Oregon for lunch and finally down the old historic Highway 30 on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. Paolo was able to get some great local riding in while seeing some of the Pacific Northwest's most beautiful areas!

    Paolo loves the Multistrada 1200

    After a great day of riding it was back to my home for some rest and more cold beers before I kicked off the welcome BBQ dinner our club had planned for him. Myself and my girlfriend Sharlene Pearson spent the afternoon preparing the house and getting the BBQ dinner and drinks ready for our guests! We had well over 25 guest arrive for a great party and celebration for Paolo and his Lidia! To top off the evening, it was Halloween! Paolo had never experienced anything like this holiday. He was having a blast giving out candy to the little kids who came by all dressed in costumes for their "tricks or treats"!

    The support of our local Ducatisiti and our club member made me proud to be the President of DucatiPacifica DOC! it was great to see the support and well wishes of all those people!

    Paolo's last day in the Pacific Northwest was now upon us and Paolo had allowed me the honor of escorting him to San Francisco! Mounting up on my 2005 ST3 and riding with Paolo for the next 2 days was just fantastic!




    I have never met anyone as dedicated, passionate and humble when it comes to Ducati! As Paolo likes to say "I don't have motorcycle, I have a Ducati"!!

    Thanks for reading and you can follow Paolo's journey here:

    Don Schloth

    Paolo Pirozzi, Chairman of the Ducati Dreams Club in Naples...


    Paolo Visits Ducati Seattle (authorised Ducati Dealer, offering the full model range of Ducati motorcycles) and Letko Cycles (home of M.A.D.O.G- Mid-America Ducati Owners Group of Kansas City) - photos here

    Paolo was greeted and made to feel at home by a number of Desmo NorthWest members, Sai of DNW kindly let me add a few of the DNW photos (link above) and you can see the full set here: Sai's Desmo NW Paolo visit photos

    More photos here Ducati Seattle on Facebook Giro Del Mondo in 80 DOC album forum and Desmo NorthWest member MartyS meets Paolo...


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