MTS1200 Italy Road Test / Review

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    Test - The Multistrada 1200 On Some Great Roads In Northern Italy

    Review / Road Test: Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring
    by Pradu of 'Ruote in Piega'


    The original story here is written in Italian - for the time being the translation below is by the online Google Translator (so is far from perfect!...and I haven't had time to even try and tidy it up), I will have the article translated 'properly' as soon as possible ;-)

    Who are 'Ruote in Piega'? - (Google translation!;-)
    "Wheels in Bend is a non-profit organization that originated from the passion of motorcycle people, having long shared travel routes in Italy and abroad..."

    Where were the test routes?
    Northern Italy, in the Lombardy region around the town of Mottarone some 100km (60m) north of Milan by road. The Italian Alps region :)



    NB: Larger versions of the photos here plus a lot more can be seen here.

    Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring
    (click for original Italian language version;-)

    21May2010 - Thanks to collaboration with Ducati Cusago we had the opportunity to put the whip at the time the bike: Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring.


    On paper, the Multistrada is top of its category: 1198cc Testastretta, a relative unit mounted on the house of Ducati Supersport, 150hp at 9250 rpm, 12.1 kgm of torque at 7500 rpm.

    The version we tested is the most equipped: DTC, ABS, Ohlins suspension with electronically controlled 4-customizable user settings in a fairly intuitive. This wealth is paid: € 18,900 on the road.

    To test whether this bike really keeps everything it promises, we took up land agreeable to her: everyone! Highway, peaceful state in the valley, mountain roads and rough roads and forgotten around the Mottarone (A), between Lake Orta (B) and Lake Maggiore (C).


    Let's start with Cusago in urban configuration (power limited to 100 hp, trim soft to face the difficulties of the city): the bike is comfortable, posture gives optimum control and even with limited power once the engine pushes the bike to speeds well beyond those allowed by code. Even at low revs the engine runs smooth and reassuring, never embarrass the-go city traffic. The bike has a large turning radius that allows it to move very smoothly between the cars. The only problem at this stage is the height of the bike: 1.75 for drivers under their feet on the ground is not quite immediate


    We take the Milano Laghi direction Arona, setting the configuration Touring: full power (150hp), more rigid suspension, however, softened delivery at low revs. You have to really pay attention to the speed because it takes very little to be above 170km / h in 6th (which should be a march of rest) the pressure never fails. On long trips you can feel the lack of a speed which would allow time to time to relax the right arm and save several points on your driving:).
    The wind protection is sufficient, and little affected by the change of speed, but with the plexi fully raised the noise level is high on the helmet, and at the end of the lap on the peak of insects there are only several.
    The arrows on the hand guards are more visible than a traditional solution.


    And finally, the ideal hunting ground for this motion: the narrow streets and climb to the high Vergiate Mottarone. Configuring Sport: 150hp, full payment, suspension rigid feel better if the road ... And how you feel! The bike is even more responsive, better delivery furious, speed is growing ... and your traveling companions disappear from the mirrors! In experienced hands this bike is very effective weapon, and is fit tires from the height of all this power. Braking is powerful and adjustable front, but almost non-existent on the rear brake.The ground clearance is more than enough to give all respect to folds and traction control helps to limit the occasional drift of the output power of the tighter corners. The sports suspension is even a bit 'too dry disaster on our roads, so that I prefer the set-up touring at times, but this is a venial sin because you can adjust the suspension response customizable according to your taste and your weight with a few clicks on the left block.


    But then came the ideal bike? Almost. Some damage to the youth movement has it: the rear brake has very little bite: either you do not hear or when you start braking, the ABS intervenes immediately and the main stand interferes with the heel prevents it from finding the ideal position in the saddle or, if it leans, it ends up crawling advance the tarmac to the handlebars in my opinion a bit 'too broad and leads to slightly hang in tight corners, losing precision in the conduct of the curve, the saddle is just too large and makes itself felt on the thigh to the lower (but is available as a low seat option).

    In conclusion, the Multistrada is a bike that will satisfy those who wanted a bike of sportiness, will not renounce to the comfort offered by the high handlebars, but it's certainly not a bike for everybody: the power supply and motor require a good wrist to be domesticated, and the ease with which you can reach high speeds of travel should always be connected with the brain.

    Claudio, who accompanied me in this test, he adds:

    I agree with almost completely with what was said by Alexander, I really liked the Multistrada. The convenience of being able to choose at will and also calibrate the maps and the related assets is undoubtedly a great thing even if I suspect that I find myself very often, almost always, with the mapping Sport. I really like the ability of this bike to ground while the high power without uncertainty is always very precise, excellent front brake discs and excellent suspension. Only the rear brake is almost nonexistent in my opinion a true bug, a tripod, however, is easily modified, for me, a venial sin. The handle for me it's okay.


    In the right hands, the Multistrada is capable of covering our feet at a pace hard to get close to other bikes but you walk in peace and quiet and a good level of comfort. That alone makes me think that Ducati has done very center.
    But be careful to be always well connected with the brain when you're riding, the speed with which the needle of the speedometer goes up through a curve and the other, and the ease of driving can lead very easily to exaggerate. Definitely bike for motorcyclists with self-control.


    Via G. Washington 54 20146 Milano​

    From Ruote in Piega arose their initiative for Motorcycle Safety, 'Sicuri Su Strada', a program for safe riding road courses, aimed at riders of all experience levels, which are designed to teach riders the behaviors and positioning needed to maintain a safe ride.
    A good oportunity to have a holiday in an area with fantastic motorcycling roads and improve your riding experience. For more information, available dates and prices, visit their website:


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