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    Had some fun on the Multistrada 1200 today...

    By member Brian "bwhip" Whipple

    [AndyW] Make sure to check out Brian's blog regularly for more of his Multistrada 1200 adventures and other great 'articles':

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    Check out his website which is Brian's photography site. It's where you'll find lots of photos he's taken at motorcycle roadracing events at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, among other venues – especially the Masters of the Mountains series, where Brian also competes as a racer.

    Had some fun on the Multi today, with spectacular scenery (pics!)

    Did the longest ride yet today (23Apr2011) on the Multi. Weather was really nice this afternoon – right around 60 degrees and beautifully sunny. I decided to do one of our regional favorites – the “Lowman Loop,” which is 150 miles of twisty goodness through the mountains nearby, starting in Boise, north to Banks, east to Lowman, over the summit (6,000 feet plus) to Idaho City, then back to Boise. About 3-4 hours normally.
    First stop was just below Banks, along the Payette River, at one of my favorite picture spots. Had to shoot quickly as it’s not the safest place to park and shoot photos! Oh well, we do what we have to do for art.


    Next stops were between Garden Valley and Lowman, where there are deep, dramatic canyons down to the Payette River along the highway. There was virtually no one along this stretch, which is pretty unusual.


    Next I saw a waterfall along the road, which I’ve never seen along this stretch before. I guess I’ve usually ridden it too late in the season.


    As I climbed over the mountain toward Idaho City, the terrain grew more and more white. Although temps dropped into the low 40′s, it didn’t feel cold at all, mostly because of the bright sunshine, and the fact that I was wearing warm gear, and stopping a lot for photos.


    As I got closer to Idaho City, I saw this cool little stream alongside the road, which snaked its way through the pine trees.


    Between Idaho City and Boise is a popular area for summer boating and PWC’s – Lucky Peak Reservoir and Arrowrock Reservoir.


    The bike continues to make me really happy. Definitely the most comfortable bike I’ve ridden over that sort of distance. I need to get a Throttlemeister or equivalent for the longer stretches of road, but that’s about it. As you can see, I found a nice little tail bag where I can put my camera and other stuff.
    Getting closer to the end of the first stage of break-in. I can’t wait until I can really wind this baby up!
    I almost ran out of fuel approaching Idaho City. I figured I had plenty of fuel to make it there, but the computer showed just 9 miles of range remaining when I got there, and it took almost 5 gallons to fill it up.
    Passed a police officer going the other way between Idaho City and Boise, when I was doing about 57 in a 45. He flipped on his red and blue lights, but just to give me a warning (thankfully!). I backed it down to 54. ;-)
    Can’t wait for some even longer rides as the weather keeps improving! :D
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