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    Multistrada 1200 - 1003 Miles to Barber Motorsports Trackday

    There can't be many other bikes you'd travel more than a 1000 miles on and then do a trackday event.....in the space of less than 24 hours!!
    OK, even acknowledging the comfort and versatility of the Multistrada 1200 there's no way most of us could do this but even for an acknowledged 'iron butt' that's impressive!

    Multistrada 1200....great mile muncher AND great on the race circuit also....like I said, VERSATILE! :D

    1003 miles- NYC to Barber Motorsports- Trackday
    by Ducati.ms member '-Greg-' 04May2012
    See Greg's post and related discussions here

    NB: Larger versions of track day photos here ;-)

    I rode from NYC to Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham AL for a trackday. 1003 miles in 16.5 hours!
    Mutley in road fashion...


    Mutley in track fashion kicking some sportbike butt!!!


    Over the years Ducati's have always been out of my price range. My mentality was that I had rather own several cheap bikes than one expensive bike. From 2009-2011 my track, street, and adventure bikes sat more than they got ridden. Last year I decide to sell them all and buy as close to a "do it all" bike as I could find. I set my sights on the Multistrada and haven't turned back. After finding a bargain in upstate NY I was the proud owner of a new to me 2010 with loads of goodies.

    Since then I have made several day trips and have to say this is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. Even the Corbin seat on my Man-Strom can't compete with the factory Ducati seat. It seems to fit me perfectly. I can ride all day without any worries.

    Early in the year I planned to attend a track day with some friends down at Barber Motorsports Park. As luck would have it I got a three day weekend and decided to make a go for it. I left NYC just after midnight and started south. 1003 miles and 16.5 hours later I was at the track. I have an official Iron Butt on record already so I didn't worry with making this one official. My trip down was pretty uneventful. Lots of gas stops and my Sena keep the tunes playing in my helmet for hours on end. I had one brief thunderstorm reprieve under an underpass for about 15 minutes and averaged 40-43 mpg. I tried to keep my speed around 82-84mph



    At the track I fitted the Mutley with a proper set of Michelin Power One's


    I stripped off the bags, rear taillight assembly, center stand, mirrors, and fitted a sporty windshield. I had been researching suspension settings for the last several months and decided to convert the Enduro mode into Trackday mode for my liking. I set the sag then loaded the four modes (solo, solo with bags, passenger, passenger with bags) with different suspension settings so I could fine tune suspension easily. After the first session I learned the rear was too soft and changed to a stiffer setting on pit lane. It was nice to hot pit, change to a different setting and get back on the track quickly. This allowed me to fine tune the suspension with minimal loss of track time. I made a suspension form that I could track and keep notes on if anyone is interested.


    See the discussions here on the ducati.ms forum for more information on track day suspension settings changes and details of other Multistrada 1200 owners track day suspension setup.

    Greg's suspension changes tracking form (Spreadsheet / XLS download ??Kb) [to come]

    See also: Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) settings spreadsheets here:
    Ducati Multistrada 1200S 'DES' Suspension

    Let's just say that this bike is worth every penny. The bike handles like a dream and screams out of the corners. The bike drew plenty of attention from the weekend sport bike warriors too. This bike crushed a lot of sport bike ego's and earned some new found respect among some really skilled riders. Don't get me wrong, ground clearance is an issue. I had adjusted the shifter as high as possible and still managed to drag the side stand, shifter, and pegs. Riding this bike fast is easy but you really have to hang off to keep the hard parts from dragging.



    I kept the traction control set at 3 and it worked flawlessly. The TC kept the front tire hovering just off the ground coming out of a couple of the faster turns. I could only slightly feel it. ABS worked flawlessly too, I never even knew it was there.





    Overall I am super happy with my purchase. I have had issues (tank expanding and replaced) but the little issues are what make bikes unique. My fasted lap was a 1:46 for those that know Barber. That's not going to make the AMA grid but it sure does make for some sport bike ego crushing fun. Mutley on fellas and safe travels.

    And if you have never been, you owe yourself a trip to Barber Motorsports Park. The motorcycle museum is second to none. The facility and grounds are top notch. And who knows.... you may even catch a naked women bathing in the pond...

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